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      " I coined the name  REGALJASON because I believe we are all born with royal blood. We are heirs to powerful kingdoms, but if we do not fight for them our thrones will be taken from us. There are many who will dare to threaten our reign; I have chosen to wage war." 

                                                                                                              - REGALJASON


  REGALJASON is a British-Jamaican, singer-songwriter who grew up between the countries of Panama and Jamaica.  Having recorded his first song at the age of six, and achieving a Bachelors degree in music production at the age of nineteen, there is nothing demure about his approach to crafting a song.


  REGAL fuses the magnetism of pop melodies with resplendent synth choruses and tantalizing vocal arrangements, culminating in a unique sound that’s often hard to categorize. He says about his music, “The most common adjective used to describe my sound is “different”, and though at times said backhandedly, I consider it the greatest compliment to be told that my expression is as inventive and unconventional as the person I have grown to be.”

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